Technology Provides Starting Point for Weight Loss

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When your body experiences physical stimuli—touching an object, tasting a food, etc.—messages are sent through the central nervous system, and the brain reacts accordingly by sending messages to other parts of the body. CERF software works through this bio-communication by digitally giving your body physical stimuli from your hand. Once your body receives this stimuli, your brain instructs the skin to change its electrical conductivity. The process in which your hand makes this change gets recorded by CERF software.


CERF uses Galvanic Skin Response, or GSR, to measure the electrical conductivity of your skin. This is the same technology used in lie detector testing. Together, the GSR and CERF software measure what parts of your body are working properly, and which are not. These “problem areas” display deficiencies, and thereby give us a place to start helping the body.


While in some countries CERF technologies are used to diagnose and recommend various health treatments, we do not use them as such. Instead, we use this technology to gain information on your body’s needs.

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