You’re only 40 days away from a weight you can live with, for a long time.

Take a minute to see how our science-based weight loss program will help your health & wellness, plus dramatically transform your quality of life for many years to come.



  • At 40 Day Reset, You’re Not Just Any Body

    From elite athletes to out-of-shape Baby Boomers, every Body needs personal attention to stay healthy and happy. Our head-to-toe, full-body assessment tells us what works best for you. We then  create a customized program designed to transform you through safe and hunger-free scientific techniques.

    Start with Lean Muscle, your energy engine. Don’t kid yourself: Every Body has Lean Muscle, even if it’s buried behind excess Fat. We’ll preserve and accentuate your Lean Muscle. We’ll also find the Fat and banish it. Did you know that Stress creates an imbalance in metabolism that tells your Body to store Fat?

    But it’s not always obvious to you. The Fat that is most damaging hides inside your Body, making mischief and mayhem with your organs. We know exactly where it lives and how to obliterate it!

    Just as it covers most of the Earth, Water also accounts for most of your weight. We’ll show you how you can’t go wrong keeping your Water level just right to stay healthy.

    Finally, we’ll take a measure of your Bones, whose strength is critical to give you the right frame and keep you physically fit.

    40 Day Reset’s inside-out analysis of your Body Composition is the first big step on your exciting journey to better health.

  • 40 Day Reset Takes State-of-the-Art to Heart

    Amazing advances in technology make possible our state-of-the-art methods for weight loss. You don’t have to understand sophisticated science to benefit from it, because we are experts in it.

    40 Day Reset will take stock of your current condition – while staying alert to potential risk factors — and we closely monitor your progress. Rest assured we don’t miss a thing. Even your will to succeed will benefit from our thorough evaluation.

    Some of our technology will pleasantly surprise you in its simplicity. Cell phones and texting are among the convenient and valuable tools we use. Other technology will dazzle you with its magical quality.
    Imagine, for example, your body’s electrical output being closely examined to gauge stress, heart rate variability, and more!

    40 Day Reset uses all this technology to better understand your stress levels and to improve your metabolism, allowing you to function more efficiently and healthfully.

  • What Diet? Enjoy What You Eat

    Nutrition is the lifeblood of every Body. Naturally, it’s also the cornerstone of our health and fitness regimen. The general benefits of farm-to-table meals, unprocessed food and organic sustenance are undeniable. So are the benefits of sensible food consumption that’s optimized for every Body.

    Notice we did not say diet, because we don’t put you on one. You won’t go hungry either. The precise information we collect about you is shared with a computer program to create a specialized nutritional schedule that is uniquely yours. We’ll keep you in the pink and well-satisfied at the same time, without limiting you with pricey, mail-order food packages.

  • Meet Your Personal Coach

    Clients of 40 Day Reset have something in common with elite athletes: A personal coach who sticks with you every day, every step of the way. A high level of one-to-one support is more than nice to have. The prestigious National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C., has concluded personal coaching is what you need to have to sustain steady progress in any successful weight loss program. Our coaching is as professional as it is personal.

    During your initial consultation, you will learn your body fat percentage, metabolic age, and your body’s ideal weight. Then, we will show you in detail what you need to do — and how long it will take — to reach that goal.

    You’ll enjoy 40 Day Reset’s brand of total body support for a full year. That’s one way we make sure you keep moving ahead and don’t fall behind.

    Our experienced coaching staff is reinforced by licensed healthcare practitioners. They all are committed to your unqualified, long-term success. When you win, we win!

  • A New You--‘OMG! Who knew?!’

    As you get rid of the hidden fat causing all that mischief, you’ll see and feel your health improve as your body converts inflammatory fat into high-octane fuel. As your daily vitality increases, your risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and other damaging maladies decreases.

    There are three distinct phases of our program, scientifically structured to move you safely and purposefully to your goals:

    • Living up to our name, the first 40 days will reset your metabolism and melt dangerous fat.
    • Following the 40 Day Reset, a three-week transition period stabilizes your new, ideal weight.
    • The remaining 10 months are used to ease you into a new set of habits, designed to elevate your quality of life for many years to come.

    Before you know it, a new you will emerge, with friends and family exclaiming, “OMG! Who knew?!”

  • Here’s the Skinny on How it Works

    We examine nearly 5,000 factors to determine where the stress of your excess weight is felt most! We consider toxins, organ dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances. Whatever the cause, we recommend specific remedies to put you on the path to a revitalized lifestyle, with no turning back.

    Next, we create a personalized plan custom-made for your biological needs. We give you a list of foods that will have your Body burning fat and turning it into energy that supports an active, safe and hunger-free lifestyle.

    Throughout your 40 days and beyond, aided by your personal coach and team, you will enjoy the care and support essential to a full transformation.

    40 Day Reset… this changes everything!


Our specialized frequency based testing will examine over 4800 factors to reveal what toxins, organ dysfunction, or hormonal imbalances are causing your weight gain.


Next, we create your customized plan that satisfy your biological needs and a list of foods that will put your body into fat burning mode.


Throughout your 40 days, you will have your own personal coach and team to support you every day. You will get the love, guidance, and support you need to make the transformation that will change everything for once and for all.

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  • Personal Coaching
  • Consultation

Throughout your 40 days, you will have your own personal coach and team to support you every day. You will get the love, guidance, and support you need to make the transformation that will change everything for once and for all.

During your consultation, we will show you exactly your body fat percentage, metabolic age, and your body’s ideal weight. Then, we will show you exactly what you need to lose the weight and how long it will take to goal and stay here.