How Much Sugar is Too Much?

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Currently, Americans consume an average of 800 calories of solid fats and added sugars per day which is over 35% of the calories one consumes per day (based on 2500 calorie diet). This intake is well over the 8 teaspoons of sugar per day that is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


People are unaware of the amount of sugar they consume because they do not realize that there are various types of sugar that are hidden everywhere. Sugars that are seemingly obvious to be avoided are not, such as those in fruit juices and granola bars.


In addition to sugar, refined and processed carbohydrates are high in glycemic, which causes blood sugar to spike. When this happens, insulin is created to help regulate the blood sugar which makes your body hungrier more quickly. These processed carbohydrates include bread, pasta, white potatoes, or white rice and due to their effects on the body, should be avoided.


Read about the severe health impact of a high sugar diet in detail here.


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