Browse the most frequently asked questions about the 40 Day Reset Program

  • Why is this different than any other programs I have tried?

    The reason the 40 day reset is different than any other programs that you have tried is because we take an extremely comprehensive approach and at the same time a very specifically customized for the individual approach. To explain that more fully the 40 day reset has a very specific food plan that frequently is customized for the individual based on their individual needs and likes. Our unique biometric assessment will inform us of the correct program design in order for you to achieve your personal goal. We also tailor our coaching program to your individual needs depending on how much attention and what style of coaching will work best for you. And to make sure that we fulfill our guarantee to you we make sure that each of our clients is being supervised by two or more coaches.

  • Is it healthy to lose weight this fast?

    Many people have the misconception that if someone loses weight quickly they will gain it back. Whether someone loses weight quickly or slowly is not what is actually relevant. what matters most is whether or not they corrected both their metabolism and their lifestyle and the 40 day reset makes sure that both of these are fully corrected. This program has been proven to be safe effective and long-lasting.

  • What is your 20 pound guarantee?

    The 40 day reset guarantees each client that has 20 or more pounds of excess fat that they will lose 20 or more pounds within the first 40 to 50 days. In the extremely rare case that someone was unable to lose 20 more pounds to 40 day reset will put that client through the program again and make sure they have lost 20 or more pounds from their start with at no additional cost. In the last 4000 clients we have only had to do this and handful of times and we still successfully helped each client reach their individual weightloss goal.

  • What if my lifestyle or schedule gets in the way?

    The 40 day reset program has been able to be adapted to any lifestyle or personal schedule. Many people think that their lifestyle or their schedule is more challenging than others but with our vast experience in taking care of over 4000 clients we have been able to adapt our program to every type of nutritional preference to every different type of religion to every different type of work environment and to A very diverse range of personal schedules.

  • Can I eat out on this program?

    Yes. We are very happy to inform you that our clients have been able to eat out as many meals as they choose during every phase of the program.

  • How can I lose weight fast and keep it off forever? Will I gain it back?

    The secret to how our clients lose weight fast and also keep it off forever is in the fact that our system has a multi faceted approach. The 40 day reset using advanced technology as well as a clear and concise food plan correct the metabolism which allows the weight to come off very quickly while our coaching program and the time and effort of keeping each client both supported and held accountable ensures that the wait will stay off. As long as you continue with what you have been taught it will be easy for you to keep the weight off permanently.

  • Why or how is being overweight not my fault?

    Here at the 40 day reset program we always make sure each client understands that with any and all obesity and morbid obesity there has to be a component of hormonal imbalance. When any of us has a hormonal imbalance it makes it extremely hard to correct the lifestyle long enough to produce the proper results. It is chemical imbalance is as well as problems with certain foods that cause these hormonal imbalance is and that is not your fault. Willpower and or discipline alone will not correct most of the overweight issues without first correcting these hormonal imbalances. Since no other program has helped you understand this truth as well as corrected it is not your fault that you have not been able to overcome your weight issues.

  • What happens if I get off track?

    The vast majority of our clients here at the 40 day reset program find it very easy and comfortable to stay totally on track during the entire time but in the rare event that one of you gets off-track it is very easy to get right back on track and continue towards your success.

  • How does the testing work? and how is it specific to me?

    The computerized electro residence frequency testing works using the technology called galvanic skin response. We first establish a baseline for each client and then introduce 6000 different frequencies to find out the exact stressors and balancers that are causing the individual to be stuck in the fat storage mode of metabolism. Our unique biometric assessment will inform us of the correct program design in order for you to achieve your personal goal.

  • Do you supply the food?

    At the 40 day reset program we are firm believers that any weight loss system should help each client to get used to either preparing their own food or properly ordering their own food if eating out. We do not supply any food nor do we agree with programs that do for this reason. if somebody is committed to keeping the weight off it is important that while they’re being held accountable supported and coached they have been able to get used to the lifestyle that they will maintain on their own afterwards.

  • What if I am a diabetic?

    The 40 day reset program has helped many diabetics. We have helped both type one and type two diabetics improve their health lose weight and decrease their need for medications
    The vast majority of our type two diabetics have with the help of their doctors and our program been able to eliminate the previous medications they were on