Best Grocery Store Yogurts To Choose for Weight Loss

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If you are shopping for the best yoghurt in the grocery store isle for weight loss, here is our recommendation after some research and testing:

Yogurt is one of the smartest foods to include in your diet. It’s jammed-packed with calcium, protein and all-important probiotics; making it one of the best options for weight loss and healthy nourishment. However, when scrutinizing the dairy aisle, be on the look out for yogurt brands that have an over-abundance of added sugars and artificial ingredients. Often, yogurt that’s marketed as being healthy can be as fattening as a candy bar. To keep you on track, here’s a list of some of the yogurt options at your local grocery store that are, indeed, good for you.


Vanilla Flavored

Image from www.freshdirect.com

Image from www.freshdirect.com


Siggi’s Icelandic Style Strained Non-Fat Yogurt, Vanilla, 5.3 oz

If you like a hint of Vanilla with your probiotic power food, you can’t go wrong with Siggi’s. Siggi’s makes a delicious non-fat vanilla yogurt that comes in at a slim 100 calories. Also, it contains some of the lowest sugar content in the market today, with only nine grams. It’s an Icelandic brand that shares the same straining process as the ever-popular Greek yogurts. This process increases protein content.






Peach Flavored


Kalona Super Natural Organic 2% Yogurt, Peach, 6 oz

Kalona’s “Super Natural” packs a punch at only 107 calories and 8.5 grams of sugar. It’s all-natural, made from grass-fed organic milk, and will satisfy your sweet tooth while also maintaining your health.  It’s a great source of protein, with six grams in the 6 oz serving.







The “Mix-Ins”

image from walmart.com

image from walmart.com


Yo Crunch Low-Fat Yogurt, Vanilla with Chips Ahoy® Cookie Pieces


If you simply have to have something sweet with your probiotic eats, then you’ll be making a smart choice with this one from “Yo Crunch”.  Yes, it has high sugar content, but comparatively, it’s quite small in terms of calories for such a cookie-laden treat. When compared to other similar “mix-ins”, it’s a better choice all around. Its closest competitor is the “Chobani Greek Yogurt Flip”, but with “Yo Crunch”, you’ll save 120 calories and 5 grams of sugar.  When you have to satisfy your cookie craving, go with “Yo” every time. Even then, these mix-ins shouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis. They should only be eaten when your desire for the decadent can’t be tamed.




Chocolate Flavored


Chobani Greek Yogurt, Chocolate Dust, 2 oz

As long as we’re talking indulgence, remember, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as portion control is taken into consideration. To satiate your inner chocoholic, reach for Chobani’s “Chocolate Dust”. With the 2oz version, Chobani serves up a top-notch chocolate blend in a healthy small portion.

This portion has a mere 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar. Compare that to Yoplait’s similar yogurt, the 4oz size of “Yoplait Whips, Chocolate Mousse”. You could eat 3 of the Chobani yogurts and still be taking in less sugar than you would in one portion of the Yoplait. You’d be better off having a half-cup of chocolate soft serve!




Your grocery store has a dizzying array of yogurt options. As we’ve seen, they’re not all created equal. For the health conscious, you’re going to need to choose wisely when it comes to your yogurt!

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