Are You in Control of Your Weight?

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Obesity is a modern epidemic that can be determined in many ways. One of these ways is a Body Mass Index, or BMI. A BMI usually correlates with the percentage of fat in your body. If your body fat percentage is 32% or more, then you are part of the 35% of American adults suffering from obesity. We are here to tell you now, that suffering is indeed what you are doing and that diet and exercise may not be enough to help you reach your goal.


Along with lifestyle, genetics and hormone levels factor in to weight loss and gain. Genetically, your body processes food, copes with failures and triumphs, creates insulin, and burns fat in a specific way that was inherited from your family, both environmentally and biologically. While genetics are a major factor in weight loss, hormones also control weight gain and loss. Specifically, hormone imbalances cause for fat storage, food cravings, an accelerated or slowed metabolism, and insulin sensitivity. This is due to disruptive chemicals compensating for hormone differences in your endocrine system. These chemicals increase fat cells and alter metabolism, as well as formulate the reward center of your brain to effect appetite. Dieting and exercising cannot alter these natural functions.


Luckily, the 40-Day Reset can restore your body’s inefficiencies, rebalance hormones, and oust toxins in a way that will put you in fat burning mode, then reset your metabolism to your new weight. We start by taking inventory in your endocrine system, so we understand how your body is biologically reacting to your genetics, environment, hormones, etc. That way, when you do lose weight, it stays off permanently. 40-Day Reset gets rid of any biological problems holding you back, so you control your own weight loss.

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