5 Step Program

Lose 25 to 45 lbs in 40 days with our scientifically proven 5 Step plan customized just for your body type.


Step 1: Body Composition Analysis

During your initial consultation, a body composition analysis will be performed to determine your starting point, and where we are going to take you over the next 40 days. Your body composition analysis will show your current weight, body fat percentage, water levels, metabolic age, and visceral fat. This way we can calculate a healthy weight for you.


Step 2: Technology

Upon setting a starting point and establishing your goals, we can begin our specialized testing, which will indicate what your body requires to enter and remain in fat-burning mode. Our unique biometric assessment will inform us of the correct program design in order for you to achieve your personal goal.


Step 3: Food Plan

Our Food Plan is a low calorie, healthy way of eating, including fat-burning fruits, vegetables, and proteins, which will keep you in a fat-burning state. All while having no hunger or cravings, and no exercise is required.


Step 4: Coaching

Every successful weight loss step involves personal coaching with 40 Day Reset experts. The doctor and his staff remain with you throughout the entire process. And not just for 40 days, but for a minimum of 100 days. Step by step, pound by pound, and even providing mental and emotional support when required. Have you ever seen a program where you are in contact with a doctor and support team every single day through to your goal and beyond?


Step 5: Metabolism Reset

Congrats! You made it through the 40 days. Now that you have lost the weight, and we’ve reset your metabolism to its proper state, we will increase the volume of food and slightly change the way you are eating, all the while keeping you at the same weight. Now you will have an education and sense of control over your own body.