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Today, more people are beginning to realize that their journey to optimum health is specific to them. While the Internet is flooded with ideas, guidelines and suggestions, it is difficult to determine which ones are backed by the best understanding and science and, even more importantly, which are best for the individual.

“At 40-Day Reset, we use a patient’s medical history and the results of biometric assessment to determine the best way to realign his or her metabolism and realize optimum weight,” said Dr. Kevin Hall, medical director, who recently spoke to NJ Advance Media about the weight-loss program and how an individualized program benefits patients.


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Q: What kind of personalized attention can individuals expect with 40-Day Reset?

A: The individualization begins with an assessment during which we gather information about medical history, perform a comprehensive biometric assessment and derive a nutritional plan specifically for the patient.
It continues with daily coaching, which runs for a year and provides the patient with personalized support and guidance to make sure he or she reaches and sustains success.

Q: Noting that results will vary, approximately how much weight can a person expect to lose on average from day one?
A: Weight loss is highly variable, and males lose a little more quickly than females, but our average female client loses just under 27 pounds in 40 days and our average male client loses a touch over 30 pounds. Our greatest success stories exceed 40 and 45 pounds, respectively, but one-half to 1 pound per day is the average.

Q: Can 40-Day Reset address issues such as having a hormonal imbalance, which also can lead to being overweight?
A: Being overweight, especially when visceral fat — the fat around the midsection — is involved, is often the result of inflammation. This fat is more metabolically active than we used to think. The result is an imbalance of chemical messengers (hormones) that keep our bodies running well.
As we throw these messengers out of balance, the issue with visceral fat becomes worse and it can result in a negative cycle. Losing the fat can help to break that cycle and help restore a metabolism that is more balanced.

Q: Should individuals with certain health issues, such as diabetes, enroll in 40-Day Reset?
A: There is no health reason why an overweight or obese individual should not lose weight. When there are other conditions present, the client needs to be watched and coached very closely. Often times, the need for certain medications is reduced … so we like our clients to be in close contact with their prescribing physician. In this way, we work as a team to improve metabolism, reduce excess fat and better control other conditions.

Q: Is there a support system for individuals during and after the 40-Day Reset program?
A: One of the most valuable aspects of the program is that it runs for a year. In order to make sure clients are successful and remain
successful, we offer coaching, daily, for an entire year. We understand that there will be life events that can be difficult to navigate and that a lot of good work can be lost without making sure that all the correct habits are developed and fully ingrained in the individual. The year of coaching increases the likelihood of sustained success.

Q: Will individuals learn how to make good food choices and does 40-Day Reset provide eating and dietary tips, advice and support?
A: The very beginning of our program is a foundational eating program that establishes the cornerstone of a lifetime of changed behavior. This is added to tasks designed to improve and establish a better sense of personal mastery. A curriculum of learning, from professionals and other successful participants, expands the experience of our clients to allow them to be fully supported as they reshape themselves and their lifestyles.


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author: Dan Wernikoff


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